• Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence Real-time-capable camera-based ergonomics assessment and development of measures for the assembly process (WorkCam) 01.04.2017 – 30.09.2019

The project's goal is to develop a camera-based evaluation system for automatically identifying non ergonomical assembly procedures in real time. With this system, from an ergonomical point of view, critical procedures are recognized and alternative assembly procedures are shown to the worker.

There are multiple benefits using the proposed system: Companies are able to ergonomically optimize assembly operations and therefore not only save worker's health but also minimize assembly errors in the long run.

State of the art ergonomic analysis is still in need of an expert evaluating videotaped assembly tasks. An automatic system may be a game-changer for small and medium sized enterprises, having a small invest and no need for a highly skilled worker.

Contact persons

Julius Gohlke

IFA – Institut für Fabrikanlagen und Logistik